We are creating Norway’s most important event focusing on sustainable innovation and technology.

For a world transforming rapidly, we need to re-think current established structures and systems. While technology is the enabler, human beings will accelerate and drive the required change.

As a collaborative, cross-silo approach is required to re-think society, Evolve Arena 2018 aims to serve as a platform gathering relevant existing and new actors to explore the opportunities and potentials arising when sustainability, humanity and technology meets.

Evolve Arena will serve as a cross-collaborative hub, uniting many other existing smart tech meetups, initiatives, events and activities happening around Norway to facilitate using a more coordinated approach and efficiency, focusing on smart technologies for future societies. Evolve Arena will enable sharing-economy benefits for the involved partners and organizers.

At Evolve Arena 2018 key stakeholders, companies, investors, tech communities, public sector and citizens will unite, and while technology is the enabler for change, human beings will drive it.

Built on Oslo’s position as creative alliance city and spearhead for SDG actions, the week puts the human aspect at core, exploring how we can create a future society for good.





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