Creating a sustainable and smart society takes much more than technical solutions, low power wireless networks, integrated system of sensors and data sources.

We need to explore how society and its components can include and utilize all groups of its’ inhabitants, creating a humane and healthy environment for individuals to contribute and thrive.

Let’s experience urban development, not only technology driven but also humanity driven to make the next big step towards sustainable societies, and provide best possible environment for social innovation.

How can we combine various challenges across groups to find joint solutions? How can we make a society cater for an ageing population and taking care of local cultures, provide education, health and social services on demand? How can we utilize diversity across gender and cultural backgrounds to create healthy and inclusive societies – and how can migration and refugees create new opportunities rather than challenges?

To prepare our societies we need to define the future society’s needs and behavior as well as leading the future generation through open-minded learning processes, communicating and creating social acceptance of new technological environments.

Citizens today are part of a global society beyond national borders and cultures, and we wish to fuel the individuals’ interest in being an active contributor in development of social ecosystems serving their citizens and continuing to grow and develop itself beyond the imaginable.

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