Spearheading sustainable change in collaboration with the other Nordic capitals, Oslo is the fastest growing capital in Europe and will become European Green Capital in 2019.

Norway in the front seat for future sustainability
Norway is looking to eco-friendly tech as the next big money maker following the oil aera – a natural evolution for a country long-term committed to sustainability. Committing to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Oslo is now competing and collaborating with other cities across the Nordic to take the front seat as sustainable, connected city for the future.

The capital has committed to ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development, aiming to serve as a role model alongside its Nordic sister cities for the global communities.

Norwy as a pioneer market
Norway serve as a pioneer market for electrical vehicles, autonomous test-areas and consumer-changing models. Here you can find a unique test market, as the population is known to be digitally advanced and early adopters, whilst willing and able to pay for new technologies.

Equality, trust and collaboration are some of the core values when it comes to working environment in Norway. This is supported by flat organizations, informal communication and empowerment of employees. Here employees are inspired to take initiative and responsibility, be creative, flexible and efficient.

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