Leo Johnson

Leo Johnson, Boris Johnson’s brother, to Norway

Leo Johnson, Boris Johnson’s brother, to Norway

What is the city of the future?

As Head of PwC’s Disruption practice, Leo Johnson explores the big ideas that will shape business and society in the years to come. He believes the future lies in developing cities for the people in it, and not the cars. What – in the tsunami of exponential technology – is real and what is hype? More importantly, what will become the impact on business?

By pinpointing the trends and laying out both risks and opportunities for business and finance, Leo makes sense of sustainability. Listening to Leo’s talk at Evolve Arena you will get insights into how you as a business leader can succeed in this rapidly changing world. How can we confront the system-wide automation and instead use technology to find human talents?

His presentation addresses questions regarding the future which no forward-looking company can afford to ignore. Can you?

Away from cities built around the car

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 10 billion people. As a result, energy consumption will increase dramatically and 75% will live in cities. To cope with this realistic scenario, we must make enormous changes. Changes that make our cities carbon neutral, human-friendly and with consistently renewable energy solutions. Today, most cities are built around the car. However, it is necessary to turn the focus towards people and the environment in the cities instead. Many cities have started this transaction, Oslo among others, but with a development at this rapid pace it requires even greater focus and priority in all cities. To succeed, we must talk to each other!

In other words, an arena for more collaboration across industries must exist. An arena where professionals and decision makers come together to share thoughts, visions and new opportunities for the cities of our future. We give you Evolve Arena – Together for a smarter and better society.

Together for a smarter and better society

By providing an effective and inspiring place for people who have a passion for the future, sustainability and smart technological solutions to meet, Evolve Arena aim to be the leading force and catalyst for the development of our future societies. Mobility, Circular Economy, Urban Development, Food and Health is the main focus for this year’s event.

At the conference you will find synergies by looking at circular economy, mobility, urban development, food and health, says project manager of Evolve Arena Henriette Holmen. We ask the question; how can we develop the cities and societies of the future using smart technology, but focusing on the people who live there? At Evolve Arena, we want to give our participants information, inspiration and motivation to actually get something done.

Forget buzzwords and empty talk. We give you the best of the best from leading experts, in a playful and innovative environment. Already, an impressive gallery of experts and professionals will share their knowledge at Evolve Arena November 10. – 11. 2021.

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