Programme in English

The Mobility track of the Evolve Arena conference is covered by the Nordic EV Summit and here all presentations are in English. As for the other tracks, Circular economy, Urban and City Development, and Health, as well as workshops and talks, there are both Norwegian and English spoken presentations.

Seminars and presentations in English:


Nordic EV Summit 2021: EU and EV policies – how to get to zero emissions
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3183

Cutting emissions in construction sites
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3418

SOCIALLY INCLUSIVE CITY (Evolve plenary session)
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3234

Nordic EV Summit 2021: The Charging Challenges
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3184

How will startups contribute to the transformation of the mobility space?
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3417

Enabling rapid EV charging in locations with grid limitations
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3415

The Edutainment Tonight Show
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3320


Nordic EV Summit 2021: A fylly electric car market, but when?
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3185

Leveraging E-Mobility within the energy transition
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3414

PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE CITY (Evolve plenary session)
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3238

Nordic EV Summit 2021: Sustainable battery production in the Nordic region
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3186

How to get a value of your life
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3331

How can governments and OEMs go beyond simple subsidies to help prove that electric vehicles are affordable for low- as well as high-income groups?
Read more: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/#event/3344

You can check out the full programme here: https://www.evolvearena.com/program2021/


A Danish architecture gem

Flemming Rafn Thomsen is the co-founder of Third Nature, an architecture studio with 25 people based in Copenhagen. The office’s ambition is to bridge the gap between sustainable urban development and Nordic liveable architecture.

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Spectacular ways to create Mobile Cities

By 2050 the urban population is expected to exceed 70%. What kind of challenges does your own city face? At the Evolve Arena conference at the Norwegian Trade Fair on May 12, 2020, you’ll get a pretty good grip on the future of city mobility.

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The human city – where people can thrive

When we talk about The Human City, it`s four elements that keeps popping into mind. Public space, Placemaking, Inclusive cities and Safe cities. In this article, we present some hot examples concerning the first two linked up to safety. It just might give you something to think about.

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The Human City – an inclusive and warm city

One of the most important things that characterizes The Human City, is that it`s inclusive towards its citizens. For instance, it’s critical that they’re asked for advice and are allowed to participate in decisions that will affect their everyday life.

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Meet up with the boss of the Norwegian waste industry

Did you know that paper recycling started in Norway as early as the 17th century? As former CEO of Avfall Norge for 7 years, there is nothing Nancy Strand is unwilling to do to find smarter, more efficient, engaging and new waste solutions. At Evolve Arena in April, she`ll give her audience a speech filled with clever words and examples of the interaction between man, environment and technology in circular cities.

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What if you could know everything about your citizens?

The idea that you can know very precisely what consumers or citizens desire, is every business person and urban developers dream. And getting the products and services you truly want, doesn’t sound that bad either. Imagine, that we would already measure every citizens move, desire and outcome. How would that shape our cities?

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